'Kandahar' is the origin of mughlai food. Kandahar in the famous city of Afganistan. In initial year kandahar offered candel light dinner and organised many food festival. Seafood festival was appreciated by people in indore amongst all food festival organised at Balwas. The tradition of offering rosebuds to lady guests first started by kandahar restaurant at Balwas International.

The name Kandahar has been originated from Kandahar city of Afganistan. It is believed that Kandahar was the origin of Mughlai dishes. Apart form Mughlai dishes we offer Indian and Punjabi cuisine also. The food available in Kandahar is of Best Quality and Taste. The people visit our restaurant Kandahar or stay in our rooms because of Taste of food they get at Balwas.

We specialize particularly in Non-veg (please note we use halal Mutton/Chicken) but our vegetarian food is also very tasty.

Facility for packed meals (Veg/Non-veg) is also available.